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Highlight of my entire trip to Australia!

Review of 7 Day Perth to Exmouth return

Reviewed 3 December

Last week I did the return tour from Perth to Exmouth and it was nothing short of amazing. From the second I climbed into the 4×4 to the moment I left, the trip was full of laughs, adventures, stunning sights and insider info thanks to our tour guide, the wonderful Alan. The huge distances covered were well broken up with walks, photo opportunities and the occasional termite mound viewing, and we always got to the camp with plenty of time to chase the sunsets with icy beers in hand. Waking up to the sound of waves crashing (and the odd pan crashing..thanks Alan), and having a cuppa whilst watching the sun rise was one of the best experiences from my time in Australia. The tour was wellll worth the money, with all meals being provided (delicious ones at that), everything ran very smoothly and I felt I saw everything I could’ve hoped to see up the west coast. Thanks to the small group size we were even able to do spontaneous activities such as riding huge harvesters and partying at a farm in the middle of nowhere! Snorkelling at Coral Bay was stunning and news has it it’s better than the Great Barrier Reef. Truly fab experience, don’t miss out and BRING FLY NETS.



Awesome Perth to Exmouth and return Camping Adventure!

Review of 7 Day Perth to Exmouth return

Reviewed 3 December

Together with Alan our local tour guide we did the Camping Tour form Perth to Exmouth and return. We had a great time and it was an awesome experience.
As being a very small group, it felt like a road trip with friends rather than a booked tour. Nevertheless Alan did a more than great job, was very experienced, provided us with lots of background information and created a very relaxed atmosphere. The food, especially the dinner, was delicious and diversified and also with very good vegetarian options. Expect from howling Dingos at one night 😉 we had a pretty good sleep under the beautiful stars and it was just marvellous to wake up with the sunrise. The places we stayed for the night were a mix of private farm grounds, campgrounds and beach camps and it was great to have them mostly just for us alone. All in all it was a beautifully rounded camping/road trip tour with many small highlights and the right mix of relax and adventure.
Thank you Alan and the team we had a great time away from the crowds 🙂 !!!



Great experience down the beautiful West Coast

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 11 November

This trip exceeded my expectations. It was all well planned out and organized with great places to stop, lots of beautiful locations and swimming opportunities and the guide, Sean, was a really chill and fun guide, not to mention a great cook! The food on this trip was delicious and varied- much better than on previous tours with other companies. Overall the trip was super fun and felt like hanging out with a group of friends even though I only knew one person when I signed up. It can be a bit tough to camp for so many nights in a row, but I usually got pretty good sleep in the swag and appreciated that we got some chances to shower in the middle of it! And it is pretty nice to fall asleep and wake up with a view of the stars or sunrise 🙂
Great adventure tour and positive experiences speaking to their friendly staff over the phone and email whenever I had any questions.
Thank you West Adventure Tours and Sean!

Siân W


Excellent tour – felt like family by the end of it

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 6 November

I did the 9 day broome to perth tour with Alan as our tour guide who did an exceptional job and was clearly very well experienced. He delivered a very chilled and laid back vibe and gave us options to make the tour our own. The vegetarian meals were absolutely delicious and nutritious, probably one of the best food i’ve had on a tour. It was also my birthday on the last day of the tour where Alan very kindly got me a birthday card and a momento tshirt which everyone signed with birthday wishes! Thank you to Alan and the rest of the tour group for making it a trip to remember!

Kamloops, Canada


Best Australian tour I have done!

Review of 5 Day Perth to Exmouth Adventure

Reviewed 20 October

What an amazing experience in W.A.! The sights and weather of this part of the country really speak for themselves, however, having a nice small group and a wonderful guide really makes for the perfect trip! Kalbarri National Park, Nature’s Window, Z Bend, Shark Bay, Monkey Mia and Coral Bay are just some of the many highlights and naturally perfect photo ops that we experienced. The first night camping in Swags was a bit intimidating, especially with very strong winds, but night two really showed us how amazing camping on a beach under the stars can be. By the end of our four nights I wasn’t ready to leave and will definitely be back to finish my trip north to Darwin! Other memorable moments from the trip include enjoying sunsets, watching sunrises from our Swags, eating delicious dinners, listening to great music, snorkeling the reefs, and making new friends. Thanks Niall for rocking your job as a guide. Happy Days!!



Adventure of a Lifetime

Review of 20 Day Darwin to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 13 October

Best tour I’ve ever been on. Awesome tour guides. Amazing sights. And a great adventure. I totally reccomend doing it.

Belinda J


Camping under the stars

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 22 September

I loved every minute of this trip. This is an authentic Aussie experience, ideal for both Aussies and internationals. The small group makes it more personal, the activities, scenery and wildlife spectacular. Nicko is the perfect guide, so passionate about the country and flexible with the itinerary to suit the group. He cooked up delicious meals and entertained us with his guitar, singing and didgeridoo. I’m a solo traveler in my 40’s but this would suit anyone with a sense of fun and adventure wanting to visit Ningaloo Reef and the National Parks in the north west. Swimming with the whale sharks was the highlight, but the whole trip is amazing.

Merilyn H


Thanks Nicko for a superb tour.

Review of West Adventure Tours

Reviewed 17 September

Such a great tour. Small group, excellent tour guide who sings and whistles in tune, and cooks yummy meals. Nicko was full of information about all sorts of aspects of what we saw. Geology, plants, aboriginal culture. So many great experiences. Thanks Nicko

Merilyn H


Such an exhilarating couple of weeks with Nicko and Niall.

Review of 20 Day Darwin to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 17 September

It was with a bit of trepidation that my husband and I booked for this trip. In our early 70s we wondered if it might be too much for us. I will admit it was challenging at times, but all the aches and bruises paled into insignificance when I think about what we saw and did. So many beautiful places to walk and swim. Being able to lie in the swag and see the stars each night. Canyoning in Karijini National Park. Helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungles. Sleeping on an island in Lake Argyll. Checking off lots of things on our ‘bucket list’. Nicko and Niall looked after us with patience and humour. Their energy and enthusiasm for their job was exceptional. They taught us so much about getting back to nature and re-connecting with the land. Thanks for a great time.

Jeffrey H


Heaps good trip aye

Review of 20 Day Darwin to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 13 September

So first of all sleeping under the stars; what an amazing experience! The whole 20 days were full with activities and things to do even if you didn’t plan an optional activity. Both guides (Niall and Nicko) had good cooking skills (sorry Niall my preference goes to nicko after a few days/but you make better wraps haha)

The two groups were lovely the first one was the best tho cause Tarzan and Jane were on the group and he in combination with Niall catched every single snake or lizard which was amazing! Also the whole group just did al the chores and stuff.

Second group with Nicko or nicolas was also lovely but more adjusting to age differences with a few older people. Which was fine i mean everybody needs to enjoy the adventure 🙂

I think the whole experience is based on the group, the one or two guides depending on which tour you do, are trying their best to make the trip worth while for everyone, but it cant be made worth while if you don’t speak up. That just as a side note for other people 🙂

So for both nicko and Niall! Keep up the heaps good work and never forget you guys nialled it 🙂

Also dont forget about red light and green light and wake up jeff

Valerie A


Best tour ever

Review of 20 Day Darwin to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 13 September

We had the best tour gudes ever niall and nicko. They now a lot about all te animals, nature and aboriginal culture. And there cooking skelles were great.

Uzes, France


A total of 10 stars from Perth to Darwin – 5 stars for Nicko and 5 others for Niall !

Review of 9 Day Perth to Darwin Adventure

Reviewed 11 September

That’s it, the journey ends, back to civilization !
It was an extraordinary 20-day trip to discover the famous west coast of Australia.
I wouldn’t have dreamed better than to experience this with TravelWild !

So I’ll start with the beginning from Perth to Broome with Nicko as my guide.
Amazing small group to start this adventure in a little shuttle. It’s a long way to get to Broome but never boring !
I must say there were many wonderful moments but swimming with whale sharks was certainly my most magical moment !!

Highlights :
– Kalbarri National Park / Murchison Gorge / Dolphin watching from very close up in Monkey Mia.
– The beautiful Coral Bay with the chance to swim with the majestic Whale Sharks (I’m so happy, bucket list > DNE) / Turquoise Bay / Karijini National Park, I didn’t do the cannonying excursion but I spent a fabulous day with Julia and Nicko ! / Dales Gorge.
– Marble Bar with an excellent glass of Gin and Tonic and a wall game of ping pong completely crazy with the team.
– Sunset in Cable Beach with an amazing evening.
– Every night in the famous SWAG under the stars.
– All the delicious meals prepared on the campfire by Nicko.
– Nicko’s sharing of his knowledge about the bush and Australian wildlife.

Thanks for all Nicko, good playlist and I loved all the private live concerts, especially Taylor Swift tunes

I continue, the journey from Broome to Darwin with Niall as guide !

I left my fabulous first team for a second small group just as fabulous but this time with a big yellow truck bus, ready for Kimberley’s !

This part was probably the most adventurous of my life, I appreciated even more this feeling of freedom that can only be found in this immensity that is STRAYA !
Again, many wonderful moments during this second part of the trip but my most memorable moment was my first helicopter flight over Bungle Bungles !

Highlights :
– Windjana Gorge with the meeting of the first freshwater crocodiles every where ! / Bell Gorge / Tunnel Creek / Manning Gorge Falls / Emma Falls at El Questro / Purnulululu NP with a beautiful sunset, the incredible flight of the Bungle Bungles and waking up with the magnificent Blue-winged kookaburra / Lake Argyle, watching the sunset in the water (with a lot and a lot of freshwater crocodiles^^) a G and T can in hand and a mini floating table filled with crackers and dip – just crazy and memorable ! / Edith Falls
– Gibb River Road is just great, maybe that’s when you realize you’re really in the middle of nowhere !
– The joy of no longer being in contact with technology, no more phone reception for several days, AWESOME !
– Ellenbrae Cattle Station’s delicious scones.
– Crossing rivers by Truck in waters where Salties have made their home. – Hold a snake, lizards and a baby croc in your arms !
– A few more nights in the famous SWAG under the stars.
– More delicious meals prepared on the campfire but this time by Niall.
– Niall’s sharing of his knowledge about the bush and Australian wildlife !

Thank you for everything Niall ! I loved being cooked in the front of the truck every day at 37°C with eminem tunes

Had two good slung Australian teachers, now I can say thanks MAYTE to both of you Nicko and Niall for teaching me the real life of Australian Bushman and I think I can proudly say that I AM A REAL AUSSIE BUSH CHICK

For all those who are still hesitating, just stop !
If you are looking for the real Australian adventure : camping in the middle of nowhere, falling asleep under a beautiful starry sky in a swag without any more fear (snake, spider, crocs…) after 4 nights, with the red dust of the bush literally embedded in the skin, collecting wood in the middle of nature, going to bed and waking up with the sun and the singing of the magnificent Blue-winged kookaburra – feel free, it is THE TRIP from Perth to Darwin TO DO !

Adelaide, Australia


Adventure Plus

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 11 September

Had an amazing trip with Nick as our guide. From swimming with whale sharks to canyoning in Karajini, sleepimg under the stars, delicious camp meals and great company, this trip had it all. Thanks Nick for your knowledge, patience and cheerfulness. One of the best experiences in my travelling life

Ingolstadt, Germany


5 Stars for Nicko the Sicko!

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 4 September

It was an amazing tour with heaps of activities like hiking, swimming but also cooking and sleeping in a swag under the stars!
Our tour guide Nicko went out of his way to give everyone the best possible experience. Australia’s west coast is definitely worth a visit and I can highly recommend choosing west adventure tours as the company to go with!



Escape from city life

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 4 September

If you like to see West Australia, sleeping under the stars,
If you want to drop Wi-Fi and get to somewhere far,
If you like heading out in nature and feel the warmth of the earth,
This is the tour to get on, and escape from Perth.

Ok cheesy introduction done 🙂

Take time to pack lightly with consideration to the temperature variance as you travel from Perth to Broome.

Tours with the Travel Wild Australia group takes you back to basics – hands on, gathering wood, setting up camp, help with meals and going with the flow. It is the best way to see remote parts of Australia without needing to worry about EPIRBs, where to camp and logistics. I am a return offender having done a Broome to Darwin trip with this company 6 years ago.

To many highlights to mention but would highly recommend the optional full day Canyoning trip at Karijini National Park. Your guide will help organise it.

Speaking of guides – our guide was Nicko: Disguised under the veneer of been super fun, a little bit crazy and cheeky are knowledge, expertise and skills. A combination that makes for a great guide in these remote long distance trips with a diverse group of passengers. Great meals including massaman curry with coconut milk and superb rice. He is also respectful of the indigenous culture and country.
Thank you Nicko for a fantastic trip. 🙂

Awesome 9 days. If I had more time would have stayed longer in Broome or even better extended the tour to go on to Darwin. 🙂

Spring Gully,


9 day Perth to broome August 2019

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 4 September

Amazing small group trip. Long hours of travel in a smallish vehicle but fabulous trip. Highlights – campfire, night skies, Nicko’s Brilliant campfire meals, Karijini National Park, torquoise Bay, optional abseiling etc, Dales Gorge. It’s a really, really, long way but terrific way to experience vastness of Australia. Load a good audiobook, podcasts, willingness to get covered in dust, contribute to every activity and you’ll love it. Thanks so much Nick. I MOSTLY loved your playlist!

Paul K


West Adventures tour, Perth to Broome,a great way to experience the vast distances and extreme beauty of WA.

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 4 September

An amazing adventure, truly a unique experience of the vastness and beauty of WA. Guide Nicko is an amazing guy, fabulous local knowledge, great cook and pretty awesome taste in music! We had a ball camping in swags looking at the amazing starry sky and hearing great commentary on the local highlights. The small group tour format let us meet some wonderful travel companions. Would highly recommend this tour and the fabulous Nicko… He will make your day!

Date of Experience: August 2019

Ilonka D


Amazing adventure

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 27 August

Could we make this a month trip?

I had the most amazing trip with westadv en tours! Our guide Nicko is am amazing cook and a lovely guy. He made us feel at home in Shirley (our transport for the week) & you could ask hem anything. There was no rush and nicko is very relaxed wich made me relax too and made me enjoy the trip even more.

Definitely doing another trip with him!

Date of Experience: August 2019

Michael L


5 stars is not enough, epic, epic tour!

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 27 August

This trip was one of the best of my life. 9 days out in nature, seeing and swimming with beautiful animals, canyoning in karijini national park, sleeping under the stars, seeing the sunrise and set, even seeing a fantastic moonrise. And most of the time we were all alone, sleeping somewhere in the bush or on the beach. Pro tip: turn your wifi off and only use your phone for pictures – somewhat rare these days, but so worth it. You just realize how f***ing gorgeous nature is and that we miss so much of it because we’re always online.

I was lucky to have a brilliant group of people in my tour, probably the best group in the southern hemisphere. Many languages were spoken. Among others German, Dutch and Corkish. The group clicked so well. It was awesome.

I look back on this trip as truly one of the best experiences ever – and I’m not even a fan of camping! But this trip I just loved it.

Nico was an awesome tourguide. He was fun, is a great cook, speaks fluent German, knows a lot about western australia and enjoys sharing it. I’d like to close off with 1 word to Nico – besides being grateful to have met him and wishing him all the best – and that is: GESUNDHEIT JAH!

Date of Experience: August 2019

Scotland, United Kingdom


Amazing WA Adventure

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 21 August

This family adventure tour was thoroughly amazing from start to finish! …. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, sleeping each night in swags under the starry night-skies, lovely evening meals cooked on the campfire.
We travelled long distances but saw so many spectacular sights – Pinnacles, Kalbarri National Park, Ningaloo reef, Karijini National Park – and much much more. Swimming in pools, gorge walks, beach camps, campfires, wonderful company from the whole group.
All this was made possible due to the absolute legend who was our tour guide, Nicko. He was constantly enthusiastic, cheerful, entertaining and looked after us all throughout. Thankyou so much for all your tremendous work!
If you want a real adventure in Western Australia then look no further than WA Tours! We hope to come back to do the Kimberley tour sometime!

Date of Experience: July 2019



A unique and earthy journey across a breathtaking land and seascape.

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 21 August

The Australian landscape and coastline traversed on this 9 day adventure speaks for itself – it is awe inspiring and diverse across the whole trip. Swags, camp fires, remote camping, the odd shower but lots of glorious pools and ocean to cleanse off the dust, sunrises and sunsets, great travelling companions and the odd emotional roller coaster ride to remind you that doing this sort of stuff is what keeps you fresh. The real kicker for us about West Adventures though is the unique tour leaders. Massive Shoutout to Benno whose larrikin spirit, enormous capacity to drive, cook, care and manage the day to day, whilst wrangling a diverse crew in the school bus. ensured that these customers were highly satisfied. He’s a legend you know! Cheers from Dianne, Louise and Jill – the trifecta

Date of Experience: July 2019



Adventure of a Lifetime, Perfect End to a 6 Month Journey

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 21 August 2019

I want to start by saying that this tour isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s a no frills experience, you can’t expect luxury (although the food was excellent!). This is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the best things about it. You really get in touch with the landscape and the people around you. The lack of phone reception in some of the remote areas you will visit means you will really switch off from the outside world and engage with your travel mates and the experiences you undertake. You’ll see incredible places like Karijini national park, the pinnacles desert, stromatolites, and have the opportunity to undertake excellent boat trips at Exmouth and Coral Bay, or, as I did, spend those days snorkelling and visiting the local town. Bush camps were also a highlight for me, and evening and morning campfires are some of the most happy memories of tour. Karijini was my absolute highlight and if you enjoy semi- challenging hiking, excellent gorges and waterholes, then this really is the trip for you!

There are some big driving days involved – we covered almost 3500kms in 9 days, but these were some of my favourite days. The landscape changing around you is brilliant to see, and Nicko (our guide) kept us all entertained with Karaoke and conversation and was a wealth of information on wildlife, landscape and history. Some people even used the driving time as an opportunity to catch up on a little sleep after the early starts! The way Nicko sets up and runs his tours means that you pull together as a team, working to your strengths and maximising the time you can spend exploring WA. He keeps it fun and interesting, has a bit of a wild streak and made sure the group bonded as a whole despite ages ranging from 19 to 73. He was an excellent guide and I can’t commend him enough for his attitude; he was hard working, interesting and safety conscious whilst still encouraging us to see everything we could. I’m hugely grateful to him.

No trip like this is ever plain sailing, and there were moments that were challenging with weather and the sometimes harsh landscape takes its toll on vehicles, but Nicko took it all in his stride and you soon view these moments as challenges to overcome and just part of the adventure.

I spent six months in Australia, going a lot of places completely solo and was a bit nervous about the idea of spending a solid nine days with strangers but have made friends for life and spent my two days post tour in Broome relaxing with them in the beautiful sun.

I honestly can’t recommend this tour enough and I am missing it all already – I plan to go back to Australia and do West Adventure Tours Broome to Darwin (or reverse) as soon as I can.

Date of Experience: July 2019



A proper Aussie adventure

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 21 August 2019

From the moment we joined the trip in Broome I knew we’d be in for a fun and interesting experience. With Nicko as our guide, we were immediately met with enthusiasm and humour which paved the way for the rest of the trip. On the way we were met with numerous unexpected challenges like flat tyres and broken windscreens, but Nicko always managed the situation in a way that made it feel like it just fit into the story of what became our adventure.

From ancient canyons with pristine water holes to cooking our meals on the fire and sleeping under the stars, this trip provided every chance to get out of my comfort zone and enjoy the thrill of exploring a beautiful part of the Aussie wilderness.

After having completed this trip I’m definitely keen to explore the other trip through the Kimberleys from Broome to Darwin. Cheers for a great trip!

Date of Experience: July 2019




Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 21 August 2019

This tour was amazing, lots of hiking, swimming and activity! Had a lovely group that made the days even more spectacular and Nicko our tour guide was Frothy! He could tell you everything about all area’s etc, he was funny, social and a great cook!

This combined gave me an amazing experience!

Date of Experience: August 2019



Amazing Camping Tour!

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 31 July 2019

We went on the 9 days, 8 nights Broome to Perth Tour and it was a camping tour that we will remember forever!

Karijini National Park, Shell Beach, the sunsets, the sunrises, the dinners cooked on the campfires, the star lit skies at night, and caraoke in the tour van were definately highlights!

Most importantly, we wanted to say how amazing our tour guide Nicko was! Thank you so much to Nicko for his hard work, sharing his knowledge, cooking, banter and positivity!

Date of Experience: July 2019

New York City, New York


Great tour, great guide!

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 30 July 2019

After a wonderful Adelaide to Alice Springs tour with Heading Bush, I decided to go with West Adventure Tours on the Broome to Perth tour. I didn’t even look at any other companies – either them or not at all!
I was not disappointed. They did a great job – Nicko our guide was a star. He was cool, calm, collected and very nice. Even with our 3 flat tires and other adventures (as they say, it’s not a luxury tour it’s an adventure tour!), he was always cool as a cucumber fixing things and making sure we didn’t miss out. I was sick during the second half of the tour and he was so nice and helpful about it, which I really appreciated. I don’t know how he does it – all the driving, planning, setting up, cooking dinner, etc and then still has the energy to turn around and do it all again just a few days after each tour ends. It’s a lot! And, even with all that, he is setting a great mood for our group with his upbeat attitude and smile.

I went by myself, which worked really well for my tour as there were a few other solo travellers and either way everyone was very friendly. It made the long drives and the adventurers even more fun. I think Nicko’s positive, friendly attitude helped set the tone.

Pick this tour if you want a real bush experience – swags, the stars (wow, what stars!), bush camps without amenities (there are a few nights with amenities but the majority without), and cooking over the campfire. You’re in for a treat!

Of course the scenery is beautiful as well – I did the whale sharks and humpback whale tours. We got a good price through West Adventure Tours for these additional tours. While the scenery is special, you can visit the same places on other tours. What makes West Adventure Tours special is their guides, their small groups, and their authentic bush experience!

Date of Experience: July 2019

Melbourne, Australia


Only way to see WA with West Adventure Tours and Nicko as a guide!

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 29 July 2019

Just got back from an Awesome 9 day trip from Perth to Broome with Nicko. My husband and daughter 12 years old went on the trip to the Kimberley last year and we had to come back with the same company to see more of our lucky country!. The only way to see WA is with this group. KAT WAT rock! They are well organised from pick up to drop off! Swags all the way! Taking in the stars every night and every morning. (yes you are up that early!) Staying in places you would never find yourself! Meeting like minded people who become friends for life! Eating yummy food by the campfire, all cooked by Nicko our guide. You visit Ningaloo reef. swimming with whale sharks, mantra rays, turtles, many fish. Then Karijini National Park with so many walks and swims to have it is so beautiful What makes this trip so amazing was our guide Nicko, so passionate and knowledgeable about the region that you feel connected to the land and so proud as an Australian of our indigenous culture.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan with flat tyre, water freezing in the gorges for your showers, red dirt everywhere but if you embrace it all you will definitely have the best time. Like we did! Thanks KAT and Nicko!

We will back next year for another trip!

Date of Experience: July 2019

Brisbane, Australia


A true adventure tour in the WA wilderness

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 27 July 2019

Having just completed this epic trip over the last 9 days, I can without a doubt recommend Western Australia as a must visit. This tour packed in a heap of amazing spots in a short time, personal favourites were Karijini, swimming on the Ningaloo reef, the Monkey Mia dolphin experience and Kalbarri NP.
As a camping trip it’s got it’s own challenges, which might not suit everyone, but once you get into the swing of things you can definitely see the benefit of getting off the beaten track. We had some fantastic campsites with amazing night skies and sunrises.

Our guide Nicko managed to maintain eternal enthusiasm and make sure everyone was well fed and entertained, nothing was too much trouble. The tour would not have been such a success without all his hard work.

Date of Experience: July 2019




Review of West Adventure Tours

Reviewed 20 June 2019

Had the most amazing tour with my boyfriend! Everything was perfect! The food was incredible! It’s the best I have ever eaten for a long time! And I am a very/ extremely fussy eater! ( our tour had both meat eater, vegan and vegetarian!) Everyone was super friendly and I have memories that will last me a life time! Even the wild weather at camp some nights was a highlight! Our tour guide ensured everyone was happy at all times and went above and beyond to make sure everyone was having the time of there life! We loved the little things such as the sweets on the long bus journeys, camp fire songs and games and the pancakes on the camp fire for breaky! It honestly was the best tour we have ever been on and we have been on a lot of tours all over the world! All the added extra activities were worth every penny and more! I took so many pictures as everything was so stunning and WOW moments! I am very happy with my instergrame page now! If any travellers are looking for a tour, this tour is a MUST!

Our tour guide was so passionate, enthusiastic and entertaining which kept us all happy and on our toes!

Thank you Damo ( our tour guide) You made our Australia dream of exploring WA complete! Even my mum wants to do the tour in the future now!

I would do the tour all over again if I had then money! I wouldn’t change a thing!

Thank you for giving me another tick off my bucket list!!

Request Damo if you book! He is the best!

Date of Experience: June 2019

Michelle C


discover the west coast

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 20 June 2019

An amazing 9 day tour from Perth to Broome, beautiful places, great campsites, cozy and although our group consisted of people differing in age, we all got along so well and had lots of fun. Our guide Damo had good music whereever we went, knew how to tell stories and share facts about the areas we were in, cooked the best dinners, played the guitar, sang and did so much more. I will miss our group, it was an amazing way to discover the west coast.

Date of Experience: June 2019


Surfers Paradise,


Unbelievable adventure!

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 18 June 2019

Just completed the 9 Day Perth to Broome camping trip and we are so sad it had to come to an end! It’s hard to pick the best moment as there are too many to choose from! Diving with Manta Rays and Whale sharks was incredible and Karijini was gorgeous! Damo our tour guide was great! The food he served up for us was delicious! Couldn’t have asked for a better tour and guide to show us the West Coast!

Date of Experience: June 2019



Fantastic tour on the west coast with Nicko as a guide!

Review of 9 Day Perth to Broome Adventure

Reviewed 17 June 2019

The 9 day tour from Perth til Broome was such an incredible experience and adventure! Everything from the start til the end was absolutely amazing. We saw a lot of beautiful places with a perfect travel itinerary that they had put together for us! It was an awesome experience to be out in the bush and sleep under the stars in a swag! But the most important part was our guide Nicko he did an absolutely fantastic job! I feel so lucky that I had a guide like him. He was an incredible cook, story teller, very well informed and was always making sure that everybody in our little new travel family had the best time!
This was a perfect trip up the west coast and I would highly recommended it to everyone. By far the best experience I have had in Australia!!

Date of Experience: June 2019



110% would recommend

Review of 9 Day Broome to Perth Adventure

Reviewed 14 June 2019

An amazing tour with stunning scenery, cozy hours by the campfire and fun bush camping. On top of that our guide Niall knew so much about the area and could always provide us with interesting facts and stories. An amazing way to discover WA.

Date of Experience: June 2019


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These guys are fantastic at what they do

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is my second tour with this company, having done the Kimberley trip a couple of years ago. As soon as I saw that they now offer the West Coast between Perth and Broome (and vice versa), I knew I had to jump on board. I was not disappointed. We did over 4,000kms in 9 days, which of course is a lot of time driving due to the distance between Perth and Broome, but this didn’t make the trip any worse.

We had a fantastic group who all clicked straight away and not being a fully booked tour we also had plenty of room in the van. Our guide Stu had lots of knowledge and was very knowledgeable about the places and things we were seeing. If he didn’t know about something he endeavoured to find out the answer for us.
Stu was also flexible and always asked for our opinions so we could have the trip we wanted (sticking the itinerary, but being as flexible as possible with it).

We went swimming with a Whale Shark at Coral Bay, which is an optional extra, but our whole group wanted to do this, especially after seeing Stu’s enthusiasm and description of the experience. It was awesome, the whole day at sea swimming alongside a huge ocean creature. He of course took us to plenty of cool places on the coast as well, going to Kalbarri National Park and some other coastal lookouts etc etc.

My other favourite experience was Karijni National Park. There is just something so special about the place. The beautiful gorges that Stu took us to were breathtaking and so much fun to explore. He knew the groups capabilities and threw in some fun things along the way. I wish we had more time there, the place is that beautiful. There is something to be said for the beauty of the Kimberley and the West Coast/WA Outback.

We also had the added adventure of saving a baby lamb along the way who we helped get back onto his feet and found a home for him in Broome. Stu has a lot of compassion for animals and creatures of all kinds, and this gave an extra little special experience for our group. Our trip kept getting better and better as we went on. We were really lucky with all the cool things we saw and the way the weather turned perfectly for us when we needed it to.

We all clicked instantly and had so much fun throughout the 9 day trip. As per usual we had dinner on the last night, but a few of us even had brekkie together the next day and hung out for a bit. Lots of laughter, lifetime memories and new friends were made.

If you want to do WA, do it with Kimberley Adventure Tours/West Adventure Tours. These guys are fantastic at what they do, they bush camp and you always have a great time. I was not the only one on my tour who had come back for a second go with them, as there was a couple on my tour who had done the Kimberley with them in the past as well. We all think very highly of this company and I really think you can’t go wrong with making them your tour guide/trip specialist in WA.


Visited June 2017 – See Megan’s Photography at Chambers Creations Photography

Broome to Perth 9 day tour ! Trip to remember !

I had the most amazing time on this 9 day trip on the west coast ! We were a small group which was really cool, I liked it because our group was on the same page. We all were excited to visit new places, stay active and see as much as we could. We were ready for the adventure. Our guide, Stuart, made our experience even better by being very relaxed, easy going and adevnturous. He taught us a lot. He knew a lot of things which made the trip interesting.

He had a good knowledge about it all and a good sense of humour. Always with a few stories and jokes up his sleeve ! The food was really good, lots of choice, variety of menus, healthy, with a few sweets here and there of course, and good quality food which I really appreciated. Usually on organised tours you get cheap unhealthy food, well here it was far from cheap ! The places we’ve visited on the way down to Perth were very different from one another and each had its own charm.

The karijini national park is stunning with all its red rock everywhere, as are the beaches along the coast with white sand and clear blue water (turquoise bay, coral bay, ….). You camp in the wild in your own swag. First time for me and I loved this way of camping, with most of the time no one else around, beautiful views, fires. This trip was perfect for me. You go to the most important places on the west coast, and stay in some really amazing wild campsites, meet new people and make new friendships, eat good food, wake up early and go to bed early ! I loved this experience and would not mind doing it again if I could ! I recommend this tour, it is worth it !

Carolyn – Visited July 2017

A brilliant outback experience

Our family of four, two adults and two children aged 11 and 13 joined Stuart for the Perth to Broome trip recently.
We loved every minute of it, even being rained out on the first night! It was a true adventure. Stuart said he would challenge us and he did. We accomplished climbs we never thought possible, enjoyed delicious food and slept out under the stars. First time I have ever seen both the moon and sun rise and set in one day. On our list is to do the Broome to Darwin adventure next!

A Trip Advisor Member – Visited July 2017

Perth to Broome 9 Days of FUN!!!!
Wow Wee what an amazing, awesome adventure!! I absolutely loved this itinerary Perth to Broome, such a beautiful region with both coastal and inland experiences! Stu our guide was fantastic! He was so knowledgeable and passionate about the west coast! This trip wouldn’t have been as great without him! We learnt so much, laughed so much and he just knew where all the cool spots were to check out along the way! My highlights were the Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef!!!!! AMAZING experience, and I am not the best snorkeler and it was incredible!! Drift snorkel, beautiful crystal clear aqua water!! Sunsets and sunrises everyday were Stunning!!!! Kalbarri National Park was Awesome, but Karijini National Park was Breathtaking!!! The most amazing rock formations and Gorges that you will ever see!! Hiking, swimming and jumping into these pristine gorges was super fun and refreshing!!! Also these gorges are home to beautiful waterfalls!! Another highlight along the trip was that we were able to rescue a little lamb, we named him Lucky and we looked after him until we got to Broome, this was the most amazing experience feeding him and watching him recover!! After doing the Kimberley’s trip twice, we decided to the West Coast, and I definitely want to come back and do this west coast again for sure!!!! Highly recommend to anyone!!! You will fall in love with WA like I have!! xx

Perth to Broome 9 Days of FUN!!!!

Wow Wee what an amazing, awesome adventure!! I absolutely loved this itinerary Perth to Broome, such a beautiful region with both coastal and inland experiences! Stu our guide was fantastic!

He was so knowledgeable and passionate about the west coast! This trip wouldn’t have been as great without him! We learnt so much, laughed so much and he just knew where all the cool spots were to check out along the way! My highlights were the Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef!!!!! AMAZING experience, and I am not the best snorkeler and it was incredible!! Drift snorkel, beautiful crystal clear aqua water!! Sunsets and sunrises everyday were Stunning!!!! Kalbarri National Park was Awesome, but Karijini National Park was Breathtaking!!!

The most amazing rock formations and Gorges that you will ever see!! Hiking, swimming and jumping into these pristine gorges was super fun and refreshing!!! Also these gorges are home to beautiful waterfalls!!

Another highlight along the trip was that we were able to rescue a little lamb, we named him Lucky and we looked after him until we got to Broome, this was the most amazing experience feeding him and watching him recover!! After doing the Kimberley’s trip twice, we decided to the West Coast, and I definitely want to come back and do this west coast again for sure!!!! Highly recommend to anyone!!! You will fall in love with WA like I have!! xx

Yumistar5 – Visited June 2017

9 days Perth to Broome

I did my west coast trip with Kimberley Adventure tours and for me it was the most amazing tour ever. Our tour guide Stuart has a lot of knowledge about the west coast, plants, animals, history and so much more. He is really passioned about traveling and that makes the trip so much better. We were only with 5 people and Stu was really flexible. If we wanted to see something else what was close, we did this.

We did a lot of amazing walks in Karijini National Park and the most amazing part of the trip was swimming with the whale sharks, I absolutely loved this!

If you want to travel around the west coast, I really recommend this company. Hopefully you will get Stu, he is an amazing guide.

Jody – Visited June 2017

Such an amazing trip along the west coast

I’ve done the 9day Kimberley adventure tour from Perth to Broome and it was the best experience ever !

The landscapes, nature and animals (especially the whale sharks) were incredible !

Our guide Stu was awesome, extremely passionate, knowledgeable and full of energy and make everything possible for us to have the most unforgettable experience !


arnoisa12 – Visited June 2017