As far as connecting with nature, camping is one of the best things you can do, I’m not talking about setting up a tent in an overcrowded campground, I’m talking setting up in a beautiful & remote wilderness area surrounded by nothing but nature.

This is the type of experience we have perfected at West Adventure Tours, we have developed relationships with local landholders which give us exclusive and private access to some awesome spots, here’s a look at a few.

What Is Wild Camping?

Wild camping is setting up camp in the wilderness, it’s sometimes also called Bush Camping.

It’s setting up a camp using only what you bring with you and it’s the best way to connect with nature. It’s not about cheap accommodation, it’s an awesome wilderness experience

This bush camp was my favourite on the West Adventure Tour. No one else around, great view on the ocean, amazing sunset… This single shot I managed to capture has one of the most important features of our tour, that of immersing ourselves into beautiful wilderness areas.

This is an awesome spot, a little piece of paradise between Exmouth and Coral Bay.


Starry Camp

Some places are better at seeing the stars than others, the West Coast is one of the good one.

Because of the tilt of the Earth, we get a different view of the Milky Way in the Southern Hemisphere than you get from the Northern Hemisphere. Karijini National Park is a great spot for that, an addition it has zero smog and pollution, so clear skies, and zero light pollution, there are no cities anywhere.

With over 100 billion stars in the Milky way, lying back to sleep under this is a great way to contemplate your short time amongst it all. If you feel curious about the stars, the moon and the Milky way, it’s even possible to join an astronomy tour and observe these beautiful lights through big telescopes.


What If It Rains?

Rain can happen, but it never rains for a whole trip as we cover a lot of area.

See that grey sky behind us in the photo at Shell Beach? It rained right after, and we had to jump in our tents. I remember not being able to see a single star in the sky… However when i woke up in the middle of the night the sky had cleared up and I could see the Milky Way and the most beautiful stars. I stayed there outside of the tent for a few minutes, admiring the sky before going back to sleep. Two hours later, the rain was back and everything was gone, and up to this day I’m still thinking that maybe it was all just a dream.

Remote Camping

This is another secret spot we have… Roll out your swag or pitch your tent, enjoy a swim, a campfire and a great meal! That’s what camping with West Adventure Tours is all about.

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