We are very excited today to announce the launch of our brand new tour “West Adventure Tours”

West Adventure Tours has been launched by Kimberley Adventure Tours (KAT) who have been operating in the Kimberley successfully since 1997 offering a rough and rugged adventure experience for those looking to immerse themselves into the Wilderness through small groups, private access to bush camps and adventure activities.

“This formula has worked really well for us, while others are trying to add comfort to their tours, we are unashamedly saying, “we are not comfortable, we are not predictable, we are not the big mac of tours, if you want those things you will not like our tour.”

KAT offers adventure and flexibility, and feedback has never been more positive. A whopping 20% of customers placed trip advisor reviews in the 2016 season, every single one was 5 star, on a recent Facebook post referring to one of our private bush campsites generated comments like these:

“Its been 2,5yrs ago but this trip was my best one in Oz and vividly remember this camping spot too.. i keep camping this way and hope the company will never change!”

“Don’t change what u do – the rest of us don’t want whinging softies on a trip with us!”

“Please do not change it. This is the only real way for me to explore the remote areas of beautiful Australia!”

Coral Bay Eco Tours

The West Coast is a natural extension for KAT, no one else is doing this style of camping trip along the coast, and there are so many beautiful camping spots, some right on the beach that it’s a huge shame to miss them.

So – The West Coast Trip?

See a full rundown of our Western Australia Tours here.

“Our KAT customers kept asking us to run a West Coast Trip, so we’ve done a couple of test runs over the past couple of seasons and they worked really well, so we finally put together a proper product, but have kept true to our formula of;

  • Small Groups (no bigger than 13 pax)
  • Private Wilderness Camps
  • Adventure Activities

Exploring Yardie Creek

The tours operate between Perth and Broome (and reverse), they are 9 days in length and operate in a 4WD vehicle, the 4WD allows us to access our special campsites, of the 8 nights we camp, 7 of the camps are located on private pastoral properties, we have 1 on a river, a few on beaches and one in the Pilbara outback.

What Is The Cost?

We have been able to offer our West Coast trips at a cheaper rate then the Kimberley, the roads on the West are much kinder to vehicles, the Gibb River Rd in the Kimberley is locally known as the “truck eater” and mechanics at both ends make a good living retrieving and repairing all sorts of vehicles that don’t cut it, so our Kimberley vehicles need to be built like military tanks and cost about the same.

West Coast

Kimberley > see  Kimberley Tours (opens at kimberleyadventures.com.au)

  • 9 Day Broome to Darwin: $1995*
  • 9 Day Darwin to Broome: $1995*


* Plus a local payment of $120

Kimberley Plus The West Coast

The scheduling of the trips mean that the 9 day West Coast can be done along with the 9 day Kimberley to create an epic 20 day product running all the way from Perth to Darwin (& reverse) with a couple free days to explore Broome at the halfway point. This has proved to be a popular combination and we already have great forward bookings for this product.

Circular Pool Karijini National Park

Iron Clad Hotel Marble Bar

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