Why I Chose West Adventure Tours

Australia, a ground of no limits where space reigns like a master and where it seems like the sky wants to inhale you. So beautiful, it will haunt those who go away from it. My epic 9 day adventure from Broome to Perth was surprisingly more adventurous than I expected.

My name is Val, I am a 24 years old French backpackers and here’s why I chose West Adventure Tours to travel the West Coast in September 2017:

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Our West Coast Campsites

As far as connecting with nature, camping is one of the best things you can do, I’m not talking about setting up a tent in an overcrowded campground, I’m talking setting up in a beautiful & remote wilderness area surrounded by nothing but nature.

This is the type of experience we have perfected at West Adventure Tours, we have developed relationships with local landholders which give us exclusive and private access to some awesome spots, here’s a look at a few.

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Should I Swim with Whale Sharks?

Is there something holding you back? Is it the price? Is it your swimming skills? Or is it the size of the whale shark? Well let me tell you, I was just a backpacker, not a very good swimmer, and not very comfortable with the idea of being so close to such a big animal. I still did it, and I would gladly do it all over again, as it one of the most amazing experience in my life.

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Top 10 Places to Visit on the West Coast

West Coast or East Coast ? If not both (which would be the best option), why not choose the coast that suits you the most? Knowing how hard it is to choose between completely opposite locations both offering endless beauty, we’ve compiled for you a Top 10 Places to Visit on the West Coast. Of course, we could have made the list longer, and the description of the locations more exhaustive, but why not keep an element of surprise?

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This Is Turquoise Bay

Dive into the pristine waters of Turquoise Bay about 60 km south of Exmouth (two and a half hours flight from Perth). Turquoise Bay is located in the Cape Range National Park along the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. You probably heard it a hundred times before “It’s better than the East Coast”, well we couldn’t say it is better, but it certainly is special and different!

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Welcome To West Adventure Tours

We are very excited today to announce the launch of our brand new tour “West Adventure Tours”

West Adventure Tours has been launched by Kimberley Adventure Tours (KAT) who have been operating in the Kimberley successfully since 1997 offering a rough and rugged adventure experience for those looking to immerse themselves into the Wilderness through small groups, private access to bush camps and adventure activities.

“This formula has worked really well for us, while others are trying to add comfort to their tours, we are unashamedly saying, “we are not comfortable, we are not predictable, we are not the big mac of tours, if you want those things you will not like our tour.”

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