Let me start by saying that unlike some other regions in Australia such as the Kimberley, Queensland or Tasmania, your experience on the West Coast won’t change much because of the weather. We still hope that the following information will help you make up your mind about travelling to the left part of Australia…


Far from the big cities (only crossing small town all the way to Perth), the stars look amazing…

There’s not much light pollution or any other pollution so has beautiful clear skies and it’s easy to find great places to lie back in your swag and contemplate your blip of a life amongst it all. If you want to see views like the one below, log onto a moon cycle website and find when the moon will be not full (sorry don’t know the term for the opposite of a full moon!).


Temperatures also varies over the seasons, and remember that there’s a lot of ground between Broome and Perth. The weather can’t be the same from north to south (think about Sydney and Cairns!).

Karijini National Park

  • Summer: between 24 and 37°C
  • Winter: between 8 and 22°C

Shark Bay Area

  • Summer: between 20 and 35°C
  • Winter: between 10 and 23°C


  • Summer: between 17 and 33°C
  • Winter: between 7 and 17°C



Most National Parks are opened all through the year, as most of the private parks.

The thing which can cause closures is bush fires, whilst these are not normally dangerous to travellers, as they normally travel relatively slowly, if they are in, or close to a popular tourism attraction, those in charge will close off access and wait for the fire to pass, this is quite common in Australia. When these closures occur they can range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.



School holiday periods and the Outback can also be a bit more busy (busy is a relative term, depending on where you stand: at the base of Uluru or on a remote campground). There are the schools holidays from South Australia for example:

  • Mid April
  • Early July
  • Late September to Early October
  • Mid December to End of January



What’s so great about the West Coast is that there’s not really a BEST time of the year to visit. Maybe consider winter and autumn not to miss the whale sharks migrating along the Ningaloo Reef (Read more about swimming with whale sharks: Should I Swim with Whale Sharks?)

Roads and campsites are busy during the school holidays, if you have children then you probably need to travel at this time and will be surrounded by other families anyway, so your children are more likely to bug someone elses family and leave you in peace (yeh right!)


At the end of the day, the West Coast is awesome, if you have the type of life where you can pick and choose what and when you do it, then the above info will help, if not, then don’t stress about trying to work out the perfect time, the West Coast never fails to deliver an incredible wilderness experience.

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