How to Choose the Best West Coast Tour

Navigating your way through the various tours offered on the West Coast or Western Australia can initially be a bit daunting as there are literally hundreds of websites offering the best west coast tour.

And what is the best tour anyway? This is a personal thing, some people are looking for adventure, some people are looking for luxury, some people love birds, some people hate sand!

This post is designed to help with this process of selecting a tour operating between Perth, Exmouth and Broome

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Welcome To West Adventure Tours

We are very excited today to announce the launch of our brand new tour “West Adventure Tours”

West Adventure Tours has been launched by Kimberley Adventure Tours (KAT) who have been operating in the Kimberley successfully since 1997 offering a rough and rugged adventure experience for those looking to immerse themselves into the Wilderness through small groups, private access to bush camps and adventure activities.

“This formula has worked really well for us, while others are trying to add comfort to their tours, we are unashamedly saying, “we are not comfortable, we are not predictable, we are not the big mac of tours, if you want those things you will not like our tour.”

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